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The New Math(s)1999

  • 2.8
Two students and their teacher seem to be literally fighting over the proper solution to a complex mathematical equation. Is it the key to time and space or a coded instruction manual about their own secret urges? An alchemical action movie? A real life cartoon with original music by Dutch heavyweight Louis Andriessen. Hal Hartley fashioned this whimsical piece of fight choreography with three of his recent performer/collaborators: Miho Nikaido, David Neumann and DJ Mendel.

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Member Reviews (5)

"Good Will Hunting" meets "Heroes of the East" meets Wong Kar-wai on a budget. Needs more dutch angles.

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Takeaways: math is sexy; apples are crunchy; Hartley is quirky.

I'd go with the "not as good as expected" -- it had its moments and I really enjoyed the over the top sound effects, but it could have used a few more ideas

funny but not as good as I thought it would be... me being a physicist and all working on his PhD

I like it, for there is a lot of room for individual creativity.The film is kind of 'twilight zone' like it's overall effect in my opinion.The music helps keep you focused.Another thing i noticed is that the timing on the wall clock coincided with the film's length somewhat, and at about 14:08 some earlier scenes in the film were repeated.