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The Neon Bible1995

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  • 3.6
David is a teenage boy struggling to deal with life in a troubled family. He reflects on his youthful experiences of his father, an abusive, impoverished worker who disappeared during World War II after enlisting in the army. David is left to care for his increasingly unstable mother with the help of his Aunt Mae, a lively big band singer.

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Did David "go bad?" No. Can we trace any of the scenes that might have contributed to the final result. I don't think so. Did David make bad choices? Might he have been "saved?" This gentle film asks lots of questions, but no answers. Religion confronted us a few times, but again, no answers - unless by granting its followers certainty in life and living and purpose (rules to be followed), it may indeed help create a fellowship - a larger family- in which can be found purpose and fellowship and love. Unfortunately, religion has an unstable record of providing shelter and strength, perhaps because people have different needs and they tend to create their (local) religion/religious expression to suit themselves.

David was tugged and pulled and pushed, yet in about every situation, seemed to make reasonable decisions. Where could he have turned? Dad was lost. Mom couldn't cope. Preachers were easily read.

His boss, like several others offered gentle support. His aunt cared, but then she too needed to be shared. Is the answer to be that hardship and poverty and a bunch of other things keep us from caring.

Where can a growing boy turn to find help in dealing with his uncertainty?