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The Mystery of the Leaping Fish1916

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  • 3.8
THE MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH is undoubtedly the most bizarre film Fairbanks made: a burlesque on SHERLOCK HOLMES. Fairbanks plays the cocaine-addicted detective Coke Ennyday. The entire scenario is a hallucinogenic odyssey into the absurd with Fairbanks, attired in a checkerboard suit (with matching automobile), attempting to thwart drug smugglers from carrying their contraband powder into port concealed inside inflatable rubber fish. Fairbanks disliked THE MYSTERY OF THE LEAPING FISH intensely and he wanted it withdrawn from distribution.



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"[S]o bizarre it has become a kind of cult classic..." - Jeffrey Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

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top reviewer

Best we have seen.

top reviewer

Parody of this kind was nothing new when this film came out. Even Sherlock Holmes parodies had already been attempted (See "Sherlock Holmes Baffled"). The popularity of this film came about in the 1970's with its embrace by the Baby-Boomers who giggled at the constant drug references (I was one of them). It is a Hoot!

top reviewer

Coke Ennyday is the single greatest character name in the history of film.

Slightly funny & moderately intertaining.

Wow cocaine and opium seems to be an issue for our main character. Weird and odd but always fun to see these old movies. "Just say no" might be a thought for Fairbanks.

A fever dream of a silent picture - Coke Ennyday is mah ideal!

This is not the Douglas Fairbanks that thousands wanted to see, this is the Douglas Fairbanks that wanted to be Charlie Chaplin. This is a silly movie with a lot of drug references that seem to be based on little factual evidence. For example, opium has a sedative effect and probably wouldn't make one hyperactive as Coke Ennyday (Fairbanks) act. It's good fun with a cute, young Bessie Love as the, ahem, love interest.