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The Mountain, the River and the Road2009

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  • 3.6
Stranded in a small town after a botched road trip, a young man finds love and himself.

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"Harring's combination of unhurried storytelling and delightful ideas for scenes... adds up to a love story that almost seems to be flowering in real time." - Tom Keogh, the Seattle Times

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this movie gets better after the first 15 minutes. good movie.

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Loved it. Like a pleasant dream that I've been stirred from. Feeling wistful - wishing to return to this world - knowing I cannot.

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this movie gets better after the first 15 minutes. good movie.

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If only there were something even remotely entertaining to be found here.

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Horrible movie for me. It seemed forced and cliched. It's one of those "indie try too hard artsy dialogue centric movies" much like Old Joy (which I also hated) . Stopped watching after twenty minutes. I was reminded why I do not like this style of film.

Nice low key film. Not a lot happens but what does happen seems very real. The interactions between the two actors seem natural and unforced. The young man in the film starts out angry and confused and by the end he is relaxed and content. Maybe love does conquer all...even aimlessness.