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The Miracle of Don Cristobal2008

  • 3.0
"For a long time," writes director Lawrence Jordan, "I have wanted to construct a melodrama (animated) from the funky engravings of the 19th century which illustrated 'young peoples' adventure stories. Eventually, through a great deal of selection, such a film fell into place. I have attempted to present the high emotional overlay of very mundane events in this 'alchemical melodrama.' To that end, Puccini combines with blatant sounds of police sirens and old door buzzers on the sound track, while 'real' and nightmare images compete for screen time."

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

Wonderfully realized deconstruction of old-fashioned melodramas. Fascinating and comical in the use of mixed imagery.

Holidays bring drama to light, 8 goals, 13 kilos loose in deepest February. According to Slipknot Cat, the camera tracks 62% goose. More than expected. By 2020, there will be no small miracles like this goose, traversing Jaguar Ave, spicy in the rain.