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The Man on the Eiffel Tower1949

  • 3.3
Johann Radek (Franchot Tone) is an impoverished Parisian medical student who overhears Bill Kirby (Robert Hutton) saying that he wished somebody would murder his wealthy aunt so he could collect the inheritance. Radek decides to kill the old lady and her maid but is surprised by an incredibly shortsighted burglar, Heurtin (Burgess Meredith). When Heurtin stumbles over the dead body he unwittingly incriminates himself and becomes the focal point of the police investigation. Inspector Maigret (Charles Laughton) has to solve one of his most infamous cases as he pursues the murderer across the rooftops and streets of Paris. As the two protagonists play a deadly game of cat and mouse, Maigret confronts his suspect in a stunning climax on top of the Eiffel Tower. Meredith's scenes are notable as the only directorial work of Charles Laughton other than THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.

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Member Reviews (5)

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4+ _starts out sort of corny stiff & dumb_but it gets better Paris & the Eiffel tower rock_Laughton is cool & fun it's all so odd a cool chase & i love the color of it_+ the bad guys is fun too

This movie gets a big lift from the location shooting in Paris. Franchot Tone's a bit ripe but becomes more engaging as it goes along Charles Laughton is great fun.

First of all, I chose this film because it was among those listed by Fandor as being a French film. It is actually an American or British film that is merely set in France. Beyond that, I found the film to be rather "corny", and very "over-acted", in general. Not much in this film that I would even call believable, although "credible" might be a better choice of words. ...

excellent film noir with charles laughton. Just love him.

loved it and tip of the hat