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also known as Dramma Nella Kasbah Crime Squad

The Man from Cairo1953

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  • 3.4
Hollywood icon George Raft's final starring role finds the gangster icon swept-up in espionage and intrigue in the mean streets of Algiers as an American tourist mistaken for a spy. Rome supplied an atmospheric stand-in for Algiers, with the film shot almost entirely in Italy, complete with a majority Italian crew and cast save for Raft and actress Irene Papas (a Greek beauty making her American debut; she would later would become one of the biggest international stars of the 1950s). Missing gold, thumbless men, fortune tellers, roulette wheels, sinister forces and other pulp flourishes keep the plot moving briskly while the postwar ruins and decay of Rome provide a unique, fascinating atmosphere that sets this low-budget noir apart from the rest. - Jason Sanders



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...class act that Raft - gotta know 'Casablanca' ...wish the guy had accepted more roles ...liked his days off...

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I did not see it.

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...class act that Raft - gotta know 'Casablanca' ...wish the guy had accepted more roles ...liked his days off...

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Not really very coherent, but mildly interesting would-be noir thriller, set in Algiers. Apparently some of the film was actually filmed there, but mostly this was limited to the airport and a few night shots in the city. The rest is pretty well bound to the sound stage. George Raft gets the girl. Big surpise (not).

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A very clever old school detective drama. A really good flick...

Classic noir. The plot was really great with a cluttered midsection typical of the genre. I loved the use of shadows, but the camera angles could have been a little more creative. The era was well represented by great suits and overall style. Good movie.

I Love! it says Bruno!