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also known as Le cerceau magique

The Magic Hoop1908

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  • 3.8
Émile Cohl mixes live-action and stop-motion animation in this charming evocation of the power of imagination. A magician shapes his cane into a hoop with strange properties for a young girl. Costume changes and city promenades give way towards greater abstraction as the film becomes absorbed by what goes on inside the ring.



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This gets off to a slow start, and some of the things inside the hoop are not so interesting. For awhile, I loved it, when it was at its most abstract. But it's hard to tell what that was supposed to look like, due to the deterioration. The deterioration added a lot to the film, making it much more interesting. It's a beautiful concept, and visual.

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Wow! Absolutely about ahead of his time!

i love art! that's what i found here!

This is an inspiring use of film. Cohl's stop motion film is not just fantastic in its own time period but in any era of film making. His mastery of the craft matches that of Melies and trick film creators. It would be amazing to see what he could have achieved with the technology of today.