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also known as Kyûketsu dokuro-sen

The Living Skeleton1968

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  • 3.4
In this atmospheric tale of revenge from beyond the watery grave, a pirate-ransacked freighter's violent past comes back to haunt a young woman living in a seaside town. Mixing elements of kaidan (ghost stories), doppelganger thrillers, and mad-scientist movies, Hiroshi Matsuno's THE LIVING SKELETON is a wild and eerie work, with beautiful widescreen, black-and-white cinematography.


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top reviewer

The Living Skeleton is a fast-paced and entertaining mashup of a film. While the special effects, even for that period, are cheesy, the film is photographed beautifully. The lead actress has a very striking look and plays her dual roles effectively. This is one of those films that straddles the boundary between artfulness and exploitation.