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The Little American1917

  • 3.5
Karl, a German living in America, returns to Germany at the outbreak of World War I to fight for his country, leaving his American sweetheart, Angela, behind. A rival for Angela's affections, Jules, returns to his native France to fight. When Angela goes to France to care for a dying aunt, she arrives to find her aunt dead and the chateau a field hospital. Angela remains there and sends secret messages to the Allies until the Germans (including Karl) occupy the town.

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Member Reviews (2)

What many people forget or do not know is Mary Pickford played many adult rolls even as a prostitute in one of her early short films and most of her roles she played as children grew up to become a 17 or 19 year old by the end of the film.Mary Pickford was very good as an actress she was even the mother of Little Lord Fauntleroy as well as playing Little Lord Fauntleroy himself a must see movie itself if you enjoy silent cinema.She does well in this movie The Little American and I would give it at least 31/2 stars.

fascinating. interesting lighting.