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The Lions are Free1969

  • 4.0
The lions in the classic wildlife film, BORN FREE, became world famous. But after the filming was over, what became of them? This question haunted the human stars of BORN FREE, Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, whose lives had been transformed by their experiences and their attitude to wildlife changed forever. They were haunted by the loss of their lions. In 1967 actor and filmmaker Bill Travers left the safety of the Surrey hills and traveled back to a remote part of Kenya for a reunion with his old friend George Adamson and seven lions. In this, his first documentary, Bill follows the fascinating story of three of them, Boy, Girl and Ugas the one eyed lion, as they adapt to the life in the wild. With astonishing close-up footage, we watch as George patiently encourages his man-made pride to embrace a natural and sometimes savage life in the wilderness. In a climax, Girl detaches herself from the group to give birth to two cubs. This documentary proves that Elsa was not unique, that wild lions are born to be free. With extracts from BORN FREE and John Barry's original score, THE LIONS ARE FREE is an astounding and uplifting film.

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Member Reviews (1)

I remember this film on local TV years ago when it was new. I enjoy these old nature documentaries. They seem primitive compared to what you see on Discovery channel these days. I wish the early National Geographic films were available now.