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also known as The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters

The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Green Grasshopper and the Vampire Lady From Outer Space1965

  • 3.3
One of three shorts sending up the long-running series of BOWERY BOYS B-movies, this giddy romp finds the "Lemon Grove Kids" sent to clean up Mr. Miller's yard. But instead they find a flying saucer, a "little green man" and a Vampira lookalike also known as Carolyn Brandt who tries to hypnotize the entire neighborhood for who-knows-what dastardly purpose. Made by lower-echelon industry personnel, their friends and their kids in suburban mid-sixties Hollywood, this anarchic delight was later strung together with the other shorts into THE LEMON GROVE KIDS MEET THE MONSTERS. That adorable little blonde girl seen laughing throughout is the daughter of Brandt "Gopher" actor (as well as cult exploitation director) Ray Dennis Steckler. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (4)

An enjoyable artifact from a time when people went outside and had fun making stuff, simply for the heck of it.

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This is incredible. Great surreal humor, wonderful colors, manic photography. I can't say how much of this was intentional, but it seems very self-aware. Very underrated trilogy!

not good

Incomprehensible + Fun + Awesome.