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The Last Theft1987

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  • 4.1
Jiri Barta's only live-action film, THE LAST THEFT is a jewel thief/vampire flick shot in the style of 1970s European exploitation cinema.



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Winner of the "Silver Dragon" at the 1988 Cracow Film Festival.

Member Reviews (9)

Quirky and fun. May be the only live action film from Jiri Barta, but feels like a animated film. Very interesting blend of styles. Makes me wish he made more live action films.

The story-telling relies mainly on gestures, effects, and sounds. The characters are a bit on the cliché side, but they are all very admirable--perfectly sculpted (literally in that one scene). Camera movement between scenes are appropriate and quite avant-garde for its time. The suspenseful build-up with the watermelon and knife was a great decision. Overall, a very solid piece that successfully delivers the mind into the world with these dark, mystical creatures.

Lack of dialog and mostly b and w makes it like an old silent. Color is used sparingly and cleverly.

A creepy little gem.

Wonderfully eerie. This is what I expect from horror films.

loved it !!!!

Watching this film, you just know something bad is going to happen, but you never know what, or when ...

superb! brought back memories of sitting in front of the tv as a child eating beans and franks, even mage me re-evaluate my greedy habits..

This is terrifying. This is what horror should be.