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also known as El último verano de la Boyita

The Last Summer of la Boyita2009

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  • 4.3
La Boyita is a type of trailer home with the almost magical ability to float, as if it's a species of domestic amphibian. Every summer since her parents bought one, Jorgelina imagines a series of adventures through rivers and forest. But instead, the trailer sits unused, collecting dust. One summer, everything changes. Her parents separate and her older sister is at the cusp of adolescence, closing the bathroom door, hanging out with new friends and moving into her own room for "privacy", a word that to Jorgelina sounds a lot like exclusion and loneliness. Facing a vacation at the beach where she will be painfully left aside by her big sister and her friends, Jorgelina decides to go to the country with her Dad and Mario, the son of the farmhands and her "country" playmate. In this bucolic setting, a secret is revealed accidentally, spontaneously. Returning from a horse ride, Jorgelina sees a bloodstain on Mario's saddle and another on his pants. Mario doesn't know what to say, has no idea their origin. Throughout a summer of siestas, horserides and adventures to the river both innocent and curious, the mysteries of sexuality begin to appear to Jorgelina and Mario, leaving a truth to be discovered that even the adults around them dare not face. Jorgelina will accompany Mario on this road to discovery and, ultimately, acceptance. And instead of separating them, their revelations will only bring Jorgelina and Mario closer than ever.
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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

A stunning "coming of age" story from Argentina, with a striking twist. Beautifully filmed and directed, this tale captures the essence very of youth, childhood, and the loss of innocence, confronting some hard unexpected truths. This is an exquisite film for all ages.

top reviewer

the kids are great_ Jorgelina & Mario_they are just wonderful & the movie is too

loved it

Sweet, but not sappy or unrealistic.

excellent good story plot