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The Last Fighters2006

  • 4.5
THE LAST FIGHTERS accompanies the six last surviving Warsaw Ghetto uprising fighters, all over eighty years old, between 2003-2006. Kazik Rotem, Masha Futermilch–Gleitman, Pnina Greenspan and Aharon Carmi live in Israel. Brunk Spigel lives in Canada. Marek Edelman decided to remain in Poland. Their memories from the uprising and their understanding of the events in retrospect, sixty years later, is different and far more complex than what has settled into the collective memory.

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I grew up with the stories of the Warsaw Ghetto, but the stories I heard were almost comic-like in their simplicity and their adulation of heroism and martyrdom. Listening to six people nearing the end of their lives recounting their own experiences can sometimes be painful, sometimes drawn out, but always necessary to get a genuine sense of what happened there. The fact that there was no archival footage, and this story of the past was set in the present helped to relay the sense that without these people's accounts, the truth of what happened would be forgotten.

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I marvel at people like these. They saw more by the age of twenty than I will see in twenty lives. I was totally taken by this. It could have been more succinct, but what I really missed was a deeper sense of who they were, psychologically at the time. All these documentaries look at events-- I want to know the PSYCHE.

Very real and different perspective on a still important and relevant today historic events.

It was a pleasure to see those brave people, to hear about the lack of recognition they got in their respective countries, to have a glimpse of their personnalities and the simplicity of their lives in their old age.