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also known as Un chapeau de paille d'italie

The Italian Straw Hat1927

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  • 3.1
A bridegroom is riding to his marriage when his horse eats a straw hat hanging on a branch while its owner, a married lady, enjoys a tryst behind the bush with her love, a fierce hussar. She cannot go home without her hat, so the groom interlaces his wedding with an attempt to find madam a twin chapeau, launching a series of misunderstandings and embarrassments. THE ITALIAN STRAW HAT has few cinematic equals.



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top reviewer

I am a big fan of silent cinema, but not this type. I have seen most of Rene Clair's silent films, and this is typical of his early work; crude, choppy, over-acted, and tedious. I did enjoy a Hollywood talkie he made, I Married A Witch, but that is also lowbrow fare. Then again, I am not a big fan of comedy in general, so you might want to take that into consideration...I like a few comedies, but not this one.