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Ulrich Thomsen (of the festival hit CELEBRATION) stars in this absorbing, Dogma-like look at family loyalties, personal responsibility and class distinctions, made under the mantle of Zentropa Entertainments, Lars von Trier's production company. Thomsen is Christoffer, a Dane living abroad in Sweden who's called home after the suicide of his industrialist father. Asked to take over the family steel mill, Christoffer must deal with not only his brother-in-law (who is angry that he wasn't chosen to run the business) but also the expectations placed on him by other family members, by the many workers he now supervises and, most of all, by his Swedish wife who finds herself increasingly alienated from the businessman her husband is slowly becoming. The second part of a planned trilogy cutting across different social classes (the first, THE BENCH, dealt with the working poor, while the next will address the middle class), THE INHERITANCE dissects its wealthy mileau with a sharpness as searing as it is precise. Inspired by the socially committed films of Ken Loach, director Pers Fly welds a similar unobtrusive, documentary-like aesthetic to a Dogma-influenced style of handheld camera work and natural lighting, lending a mesmerizing immediacy to his tale of one's duty to family, and to others. - Jason Sanders
The owner of a successful bistro in Stockholm suddenly faces a difficult life decision with consequences that threaten all he holds dear. Ulrich Thomsen, the star of Thomas Vinterberg's Dogma classic THE CELEBRATION, gives a heartbreaking performance as Christoffer, the son who must answer the towering call of family obligation. Winning six awards from the Danish film academy, THE INHERITANCE, from up and coming Danish filmmaker Per Fly, is a taut cinematic portrait of a man who stands by as he watches his own soul destroyed.

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1 member found this review helpful Created about 3 years ago.

Well let's get the annoying interruptions over first. For reasons I do not understand the film would stop, pause and continue.This was the first film of Fandor I have seen so maybe the techological issues are something I have to learn more about. THE INHERITANCE was a wonderful film,well directed, great acting and hauntingly beautiful background music. The son (Ulrich Thomsen) of a powerful family has to take over his family's business when his father dies. The decision to take his father's place greatly satisfy's his widowed mother but puts his marriage in crisis. The company he inherits has to be subjected to a painful merger. How he copes with the staggering responsibilities alters the lives of many. This is a great film and if you have seen THE CELEBRATION expect the same superior qualities. The Danes have done it again. Do not miss!

1 member found this review helpful Created 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

This film portrays the calculating deviancy involved within corporate ascension. The plot development is as rigid and formulaic as the protagonist being portrayed. Yet, perhaps that is part of the lesson. Whilst it is hard to believe that he would make such a decision so quickly, it is also hard to forget the man he previously is as he progresses in his role as boss. The film gives a nice feel for urban life in Sweden and Danmark and provides a portion of redemption towards the end. Love And Peace.

Top reviewer
1 member found this review helpful Created 10 months ago.

An intimate character study of a total jerk, the kind that passes for an upstanding guy if you weren't following him around with a camera day and night. In the spirit of Vinterberg's "The Celebration" (1998), the Danish are so good at these kinds of films that expose "good, decent people" for the assholes you always knew they were but needed evidence to prove , or no one would believe it.

Created 7 months ago.

I'm a fan of Danish film, and this one didn't disappoint -- strong emotional family drama -- pull between family/corporate responsibility and individual needs.

1 member found this review helpful Created about 1 year ago.

Absolutely gorgeous cinematic masterpiece. Great story, beautifully directed, superb acting, hauntingly captivating. The cinematography is true art, lavished with a beautiful soundtrack.

Created almost 3 years ago.

An accurate description of a controlling mother's role in making unhealthy and unloving decisions resulting in unhappiness that has ripple effects way beyond the family.

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