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The Indestructible Jimmy Brown2011

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  • 3.1
Jimmy Brown is thirty and single. He has just come home from a failed life in New York City and thinks his life is over. After returning to Pasadena from a stalled career in the New York art scene, and a disastrous break-up, Jimmy finds himself right back where he started. Now he is living in his parent's house and working in the comic book shop that he left behind over ten years ago. His co-workers, childhood buddies Lyman and Sack, have never left the security of the shop that they now co-own. Experts of pop culture and masters of their universe, Lyman and Sack are all too happy to let a dejected Jimmy back into the circle of dorks that he was a part of for so long. Desperate to revive his career and fearing that he will fall back into his old life, Jimmy keeps Lyman and Sack and anything else from his past at arms length. But when Alison Brew, Jimmy's high school crush comes back into his life, he'll need to remember the mistakes from his past to get the girl who got away.
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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

Classic Schmidt! If you like New Girl, watch this. It's very funny. Good way to spend 20 minutes.

Also, I just spent over 20 minutes trying to figure out where this film was shot. The answer is....

1404 Micheltorena St, Los Angeles!

It took a while because I was searching around Pasadena. But a clutch freeze frame at 18:16 led me to the answer.

top reviewer

I didn't think this was half-bad. After reading moir's review, I was expecting a bad film. Some of the jokes were a bit nerdy for me but I'm not a comic book person. I think the writers have a chance at writing sitcoms.


good but shorter than i expected

This film should be called The Absolutely Dull Jimmy Brown. I don't enjoy being a harsh critic but nothing really happens in this film. It also ends abruptly in a disappointing manner - won't spoil it for you, it will do that by itself.

The story centers on Jimmy Brown and his two friends - one being gay which is nice but is hardly relevant. Jimmy has come back from his failed attempt at living in New York and now works in a comic store. He has a run in with a young customer who then introduces his Mother who Jimmy has a crush on - as I said I won't spoil the ending but you can probably imagine what happens. Yes…there you have it. That is the film. I get that it's a short but excuse the lack of action. In fact it could have been shorter this might have left the audience feeling l a little less used.

The writing was simple, the directing was ok - think Always Sunny In Philadelphia but less funny.

The lead actor Max Greenfiled was actually quite charming and if anything saves the film, it's him. His performance is different his Character in "New Girl" which is unbelievable and OTT maybe we have the director to thank for that.

If you're in the mood for something simple and not too long this is your film. Just don't expect any life changing, inspirational moments to happen.