The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour


directed by Daniel Kremer, 105 minutes

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"...a no-budget, do-it-yourself excursion to India from a filmmaker of considerable enterprise and admirable aplomb.” - Rob Nilsson

Max Plugin is a jaded relic of the 1960s who has recently mourned (as opposed to celebrated) his fifty-seventh birthday. Max ran away from home at age sixteen to hitchhike across the country. A guru named Teschlock took Max under his wing when he reached California's Lost Coast, soon after inviting Max to come to India with him and his other disciples to live in peace on an ashram. Max declined and returned home. Now, decades later, full of vague regret, the emotionally distant, haunted, but nonetheless flamboyant Max finds himself in Varanasi, India, in search of Teschlock's unknown gravesite. As the story goes, a year after arriving there, Teschlock walked off into remote rural India and vanished, never to be heard from again. It was understood by many of the local village natives that Teschlock, dying and winding down his last days, buried himself alone in the wilds of Uttar Pradesh. Max has now come to India for the first time to find the gravesite, seeking closure and following a trail of cryptic clues. "Kremer directs THE IDIOTMAKER'S GRAVITY TOUR with a fine eye for delicate visual excitement," opines Frank Cassella in the Philly Broadcaster. "It’s a refreshingly mature work for a filmmaker still in his 20s."

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