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The Hurt Locker2008

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  • 4.2
War is a drug. Nobody knows that better than Staff Sergeant James, head of elite squad of soldiers tasked with disarming bombs in the heat of combat. To do this nerve-shredding job, it's not enough to be the best: you have to thrive in a zone where the margin of error is zero, think as diabolically as a bomb-maker, and somehow survive with your body and soul intact. Powerfully realistic, action-packed, unrelenting and intense, THE HURT LOCKER has been hailed by critics as "an adrenaline-soaked tour de force" and "one of the great war movies."

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I had heard this film was different. But it was just another bloated, self-congratulatory piece of propaganda designed to elevate the US empire's sense of fake heroism at the cost—this time—of a million innocent Iraqi civilian men, women and children's lives. (In a war that started on a lie.) Just another one of the US's murderous conquests of other people's countries and cultures for the purpose of raping its resources and stealing more of the Eurasian continent in its bid for "full spectrum dominance." Did the film at least hint at the pointlessness of our military adventures? No, it only showed the suffering "heroism" of US soldiers who are too stupid to realize that war is a rich man's game at the expense of the poor. During the war, 22 veterans committed suicide daily. How heroic is that? Will Americans ever learn? Even if the the completely fraudulent "war on terror" lost credibility tomorrow, we know they wouldn't. Only the most decorated general in US military history, General Smedley Darlington Butler, as he inadvertently revealed in his book, "War Is A Racket," might know the answer he never dare utter.

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