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The House with Closed Shutters1910

  • 3.1
D.W. Griffith throws an exciting wrench in this otherwise conventional Civil War melodrama when a proud daughter of the confederacy takes her coward brother's place on the battlefield. She's killed in heroic fashion and her mother shutters the house to protect the secret of who maintained the family's honor. Gender reversals only serve to fortify Griffith's strong assertion of the home as a center of moral life (though an epilogue of the brother’s later life is surprisingly poignant). - Max Goldberg

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Member Reviews (2)

Pretty draggy and tedious, I'm sorry to say.

I like silent movies as an article of the's - interesting, but not PC - that Griffith was so racist he used a white man in "blackface" as a document of the times. Curious as to why the costumes are clearly late 19th C/1910 even though it takes place during the 1860s, haha!