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The House that Dripped Blood1971

  • 3.6
  • passes the bechdel test
A review of the files of the local policeman shows that everyone who has owned a particular mansion has died in a horrible fashion. In one instance, "Method for Murder," the obsessions of a mystery writer provide his wife with an opportunity to do him in. In a second, "Waxworks," the owner was the unhappy recipient of the attentions of a jealous husband. The third, "Sweets to the Sweet," has another fall victim to his charming daughter, who plays with voodoo dolls. And in "The Cloak," a horror-film star who insists on authenticity in his costumes is somehow given the cloak of a real vampire, with humorously ghoulish results.

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top reviewer

This anthology begins with an investigation into foul play at an old mansion in the country. Tales are told of the four previous owners who met up with tragic ends.

Psycho writer, Robert Bloch, offers a variety of "horror" from a menacing strangler to an ax wielding wax works curator to a voodoo doll to a modern day vampire.

There are some near comical moments and overacting that would make Jim Carrey blush. The last story in particular is way over-the-top with cheesy special effects.

But its fun to watch and entertaining - especially the segments that feature Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

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Decent horror anthology cobbled together from the short stories of Psycho writer Robert Bloch. The film does not shy away from laughs, as producer Max Rosenberg himself admits: "The theory was that all the horror should be portrayed offstage, and the comedy was [there] because life is a comedy." Geoffrey Bayldon in particular is a scene stealer.

Surprisingly reflexive, with subtextual social commentary on the production processes of horror as both a literary and filmic genre. In this sense it feels at times tonally and thematically similar to an early Cabin in the Woods. Do not be fooled by the Bechdel seal of approval; it only proves (once again) how little the Bechdel test actually means.

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top reviewer

This is a four part anthology, all revolving around a house in the middle of nowhere. The stories involve murder in one fashion or other. Quite good, holds your attention all the way through.

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top reviewer

Dr. Marcus Brody wears a sweet cream cardigan and pink shirt combo that would make Andy Warhol jealous.

Not much in the way of scares. There's some stained glass windows that clash with forest green wallpaper, which is the most horrifying thing in the movie.

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Entertaining vampire movie with some great overacting! Great for a laugh. Some actors here that later became household names.

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