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The Hoodlum1919

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  • 3.9
Though little known outside of Mary Pickford aficionados, THE HOODLUM is a total delight. Amy Burke is the spoiled granddaughter of one of the city's moguls. She lives with him while her sociologist father studies the people in the slums of New York. Deciding she's too bored to go on another trip to Europe, she joins her father on downtrodden Cragen Street. She soon finds she still unhappy and worse, that she's threatening his work by drawing attention to her refined ways. So he encourages her to join in and become one of them. Amy does this with a vengeance as she warms to her neighbors and learns to shoot craps, dance the shimmy and avoid the cops. And she finds true love with the mysterious man across the street, but discovers he was wrongly put in jail to hide the crimes of her grandfather.

Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

Really GREAT movie considering its time. Mary Pickford has many different looks, and one of them is beauty. Great fun watching her, and the plot surrounding the theme of wealth vs. poverty, with capitalistic flavors throughout. Highly recommend.

If anyone has seen my list its easy to note I enjoy silent movies and when it comes to Mary Pickford movies with all her different looks I haven't found many movies of hers I didn't enjoy and The Hoodlum is one I like it tells the story of a spoiled rich girl and her learning of life outside the bubble she lives in and also the opening of her grand fathers mind and heart it has humor as well as humanity in this tail.If you watch this film I believe you will enjoy it!