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The Hemp Revolution1995

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  • 3.6
THE HEMP REVOLUTION tells the amazing and little-known story of the hemp plant. Hemp, probably the first plant ever to be cultivated, was among the world’s largest agricultural crops until the 1800s. This feature-length documentary explores the plant’s facinating history, it’s thousands of uses, the economic and cultural forces behind its prohibition and its modern potential to solve major environmental problems.



Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

Watch it and wonder; just how foolish and wasteful in intelligence can we become? It doesn't get much worse than what we have done, and expressed as a society, regarding hemp. Our Congress should have to watch this every single morning before doing any other work, until they wake up and smell the burning sativa. Hemp ice cream? Pull the truck up, kids, Dad's buying gallons.

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top reviewer

Well-made and extremely informative documentary on hemp and cannabis sativa - its history, uses and the political, economic reasons why its cultivation was curtailed and the use of the drug derived from its flowers was banned.

top reviewer

I want to love this film or at least I want the filmmakers to do a good job presenting the information in a clear manner. Thye need to make a compelling argument that I've heard from other sources.

Yes, the plant can be productized in many ways but I wish there was a little less sensationalism.

Also - ready for the conspiracy theories? They come at 60 minutes. Really they aren't theories or conspiracy but calculated business decisions but again the tone of the filmmakers is that of the victim.

Lastly, enough of the psychedelic in camera special effects. I feel these guys were in film school with me and got in the equipment checkout line just ahead of me, snapping up the brand new sony vcam.

Yes I knew much of this info, but some was much more clearly explained. Basically I wish I had several copies so I could send them out to our legislators. And President..As if they'd watch, as if they did not already know and consciously cater to the industrial espionage. We simply have to stay informed and keep putting this information out there. Wish they'd show it in the schools. I thought it was done pretty well. It kept me interested.