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also known as Biker Babes

The Hellcats1968

  • 2.4
A battle weary soldier comes back from the war and goes undercover to avenge the death of his cop brother. His link to the murder is the fiancée of his brother who wants vengeance too, and knows he was an infiltrated cop with a scum drug-dealing biker gang, The Hellcats, who are employed by the mob to move the drugs from Mexico to the USA. The two would-be avengers infiltrate The Hellcats, the girl is abducted, and now it's the retired soldier against all the bad guys with guns blazing.

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top reviewer

I miss Biker flicks. Not that there's any real shortage of them. There were only about 49,995 of them made between 1966 and 1971. Still, I wish they were making biker flicks today. Maybe I could catch one at a Drive-In outside of Fresno. Biker movies were pure exploitation-entertainment camouflaged as social commentary. The Bike gangs were anarchistic threats to order and society, mid-century savages out to pillage and plunder, terrorize and torture good, hard-working civil-minded folks everywhere, destroy every last thread of common decency they could find--and have lots of fun doing it! Let's face it, the Bikers at their worst, especially by today's standards, were pretty kool kats. They came on like avenging Beatnik Commandos--wraparound shades, scruffy beards, greasy pompadours, Mexican blanket vests. The loud beat of bongos followed them everywhere. Bongos, bongos, bongos! The Bikers in "The Hellcats" are a pretty happy-go-lucky, fun-loving bunch. Sure, they fight, maim, and destroy, and they're part of a massive heroin smuggling operation, but they're a load of laughs. There's an obligatory party sequence that shows them all having a great time drinking beer and doing the Watusi like there's no tomorrow, all to the mighty fuzz guitar of the great Davie Allan. Here, they are no different than the kids partying in the Beach Party movies...except there's beer around. And Grass. And Crank. And LSD. And Heroin. But otherwise, they're pretty much the same. And They use their really cool Biker-lingo to communicate constantly! Everyone is "Baby," "Mama," and "Maaaan"--which is all generally good! Towards the end of the production, the plot takes a left turn into Quinn Martin TV Crimebuster Land where Sears-Roebuck hoodlums do battle with Ross Hagen, a steel-jawed, gravel-voiced mutated fusion of TV's Marshall Dillon and a B-Movie Frankenstein who plays a steel-jawed, gravel-voiced U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant PRETENDING to be Biker so he can avenge--oh never mind! I'm going to see if there are any Drive-ins left outside of Fresno.

Trivia Time. The Moonfire Inn, the unofficial clubhouse and crash pad of the Hellcats, was an actual Hippy Hangout in L.A.'s Topanga Canyon back in the Day.

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top reviewer

Wow. That was remarkably bad. I won't even get into how bad the acting and directing was. The "Davy Jones" songs and the spaghetti western score was pathetic, but the sfx on the gun shots was the worst. Someone did make an attempt at scene segues in the edits. That had to be painful. It's hard to believe so many bad movies like this actually get produced, sold and pawned off to poor Fandor subscribers like me.