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The Headless Ghost1959

  • 3.1
Three foreign exchange students, Americans Ronnie and Bill, and Danish Ingrid, go on a day-trip to the supposedly haunted Ambrose Castle. The students decide to spend the night in the castle to find out if it is really haunted, and meet the ghost of the Fourth Earl of Ambrose and various other spooks.

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top reviewer

Love these old ghost stories - not like today's dark and demonic horror - but fun and entertaining, and where the ghost is not the bad guy, but a lost wondering soul, needing someone to help put him to rest by resolving something that has kept him "on the other side" and from reaching his final place of rest and peace for eternity. So refreshing - no violence really, no bad language, no sex or even sexual overtones. Nothing to frazzle the nerves or keep you on edge with racing heart and fearful anxiety. Respectful to its audience - be it young or old, love that about these older movies. Good plot, good ending, not too long and drawn out - not to short - delightful entertainment!

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top reviewer

Not the most engaging film in the Nicholson / Arkoff stable, but The Headless Ghost has a certain amount of charm. It's always nice to see Clive "The Legend of Hell House" Revill on the screen, and he gives a nice performance as The Fourth Earl of Ambrose. The final reveal of the titular ghost is a creepy — if silly — effect. All in all, a pleasant way to spend an evening preparing for meatier fare.

Wonderful old fashioned ghost story. Very enjoyable.

Very Corny but Fun

entertaining although very silly!