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The Hawk is Dying2006

  • 3.3
George Gattling finds little fulfillment as an auto upholsterer, the patriarch of a broken family, and the occasional lover of a lonely psychology student. When stricken with a family tragedy, George becomes obsessed with taming a wild, red-tail hawk. At his weakest moment, he locks himself into a battle of wills with a fierce creature that would rather die than succumb.

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Member Reviews (3)

A film which never seems to rise above being simply an insufferable excursion into one individual's obsessive road toward insanity, all of which is supposed to be metaphorically described by his training (more realistically torturing) a hawk. Even the acting talents of Paul Giamatti and Michelle Williams are insufficient to salvage this pretentious waste of cinematic effort.

Arduous and unpleasant film

Paul Giamatti is such an amazing actor.