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The Harder They Come1972

  • 4.0
Lauded by critics and the cannabis-enhanced audiences that made it a midnight-movie hit, Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff stars as an aspiring young singer who records a song for an unscrupulous music mogul. When the song becomes a hit, and he is cut out of his share, the singer turns into an outlaw and takes on the music industry, the ganja trade and the police. Fully restored from original elements.

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top reviewer

Seeing it today, I wonder why all the fuss back then. This was the original Gangsta movie. the music is so raw, it views great for that alone. there are so many cultural moments here that one must watch it several times for historic value alone. I do love it even more today as I did in 75



Film is an invitation into worlds we don't know. 1970s Jamaica isn't something that most people are familiar with. The music, the poverty against the lush backdrop of the tropical forests, the military presence, the struggle are all captured in this gem. A somewhat unlikable protagonist and yet the question is does he have any other choice? The shots are warm hues, the message of imbalance is strum out in tune. Though not a technically tight film, with a loose plot, there is a lot more to look at, such as 1970s Reggae fashion and the cavalcade on interesting individuals you get to meet along the film's journey.