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The Happiness of the Katakuris2001

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  • 3.8
From Takashi Miike, the prolific director of such shocking hits including AUDITION and ICHI THE KILLER comes "THE SOUND OF MUSIC meets DAWN OF THE DEAD!" The Katakuris are a family trying to run a peaceful country inn but with a lack of guests there is much excitement for their first visitor, until they wind up dead! As each guest in turn dies in strange circumstances the family agree to hide the bodies but will the coverups come back to haunt them... In THE HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS scenes of grotesque stop motion animation, surreal musical numbers and zombies combine to make one of the finest horror-comedies ever made.

Member Reviews (9)

top reviewer

As a remake of Jee-woon Kim's classic "The Quiet Family," Takashi Miike's film fails miserably. However, when you view it for what it actually is -- it is a surprisingly goofy fun and unique film.

Aside from the initial "set-up" there is very little of the South Korean comedy-horror film present. Takashi Miike twists the Korean concept into a Surrealistic spoof of movie musicals that employees an unexplainable mix of strange clay-animation and deeply weird ideas.

The movie really makes very little sense, but it is hard not to enjoy the strange and bizarre twisted little movie. If you're up for a bit of intentional camp and are cool with free-form experimentation -- you'll probably love this odd movie.

top reviewer

Just throwing together genres randomly and hoping your mediocre actors can pull it off and keep a straight face doesn't make a good film. This "Happiness" stinks and I want the two hours of my life back.

Fun for the whole family!


Be wary! This film is nuts! But that's sort of what makes it special. It's actually a wonderful story about the strength of family. I found myself laughing almost all the way through, and in a couple scenes, I found myself getting a bit teary eyed. There is some great acting by some of the characters that'll tug your heart strings, and then quickly make you cackle right after. There is also some total shit acting too. It's a ridiculous musical with some psychotic stopmotion sequences. It's like "Sound of Music" meets "Evil Dead 2" with a ton of Anime vibes... in live action. Worth the watch if you can handle crazy!

I liked it, but it was so fucked up! But that's Takashi Miike for you...

tons of fun

Surprisingly enjoyable and delightful!!!!!!!!

I watched this film a couple years ago on a whim. It's excellent! The film is a strange hodgepodge of nearly every genre you can think of, all the while never taking itself seriously. It's random, bizarre, and overall a great film to watch.