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The Hands That Shaped Me2015

  • 3.0
This short twelve minute music film is a collaboration between filmmaker Mark Pellington and the New York rock band The Indecent. Focusing on a true story of loss and dissonance, the film features the triplets Emily, Maddie and Bo Brout. The film is part musical eulogy and part documentary.

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Member Reviews (4)

I agree, the cinematography was beautiful but the connection between the personal event and the music video was not clear. The last half seemed like a cliché music video.

Well, I was hoping for a much better understanding of what actually happened instead of a 15 minute music video. I still have no idea what incident or whose "hands shaped them". If you're only going to do such a short film then why spend most of it with way too many close up shots of the three of their faces? I got it, the girls are cute, but what the hell went on to make them who they are..?? Someone was either murdered or killed themselves, I get that.... but who, why, and when?

fragmented use of symbolism. works to hard to make its point

Beautiful cinematography. Nice music, lovely, heartfelt story.