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The Great Train Robbery1903

  • 3.9
More than a crucial historical artifact, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY reveals the foundation from which the styles and stories of the contemporary cinema would later arise. Known for using such innovative filming techniques such as double exposure, cross-cutting and camera movement, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY is one of cinema's most formative works, revealing the genesis of the motion picture medium.

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I don't know much about innovative filming techniques. Things did move rather smoothly. The plan worked pretty well. The bad guys even had some explosive to blast the locked box. Passengers in the train windows added to the sense that more was to come. Killing a passenger and beating the trainman with a shovel must have generated excitement. The chase didn't make much sense: why stop to divvy the swag when the posse is on your heels. Too bad that the good guys were turned into bad guys when the goodies became available. I wondered if color would have been used back in 1903 films.

Bottom line: there are some that would strongly suggest that the robbery would never have happened if the passengers only had more guns - the more guns and the bigger, the better.


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One of the most important films in cinema history - a must-see!. I love Westerns and a good story and never tire of seeing this gem. Please note: this print is hand-tinted in some places.

I loved the innovative techniques: the coloration, the double exposure, etc. And all in 1903!

Historically interesting.

Great !

A marvelous film revealing the development of visual narrative; audiences at the time must have been enthralled. And the splashes of color were a treat as well. I have long wanted to view this film and was delighted.