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The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick2000

  • 2.9
Philip K. Dick may be science fiction's greatest writer ever. His novels and stories continue to inspire a generation of filmmakers, writers, technophiles and philosophers. But for the last ten years of his life, he inhabited a reality stranger than the fiction he created. Hear about the mysterious break-in at his California home, the letter he thought would kill him, the series of visions he believed were Divinely inspired and the 8,000 page manuscript he wrote in an effort to unlock the meaning of it all. Combining interviews with animation, a pulsating techno soundtrack, and rare audio recordings of PKD himself, the filmmakers have created a portrait that Film Threat calls "a labor of love, designed to appeal to fans and novices alike."

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

The direction of this documentary isn't superb, but given that Philip K. Dick is such an interesting subject this film still manages to be worth a watch.

Fascinating subject, terrible film. A bunch of poorly shot clips of meandering interviews. I took off an extra point for the truly awful animated title sequence.

Has moments, but it lacks...

Interesting biography of an amazing writer. Disagreed with some of the sylistic/editing choices, but still really good.

A hard watch, even if you like PKD's writing. Too much of the film is spent listening to friends and fans trying to concoct convoluted rationalizations for the eccentric beliefs he held in the last years of his life...and the many, many repeated loops of the same simplistic animation of Dick at his desk is just annoying.

Interesting interviews with some of PKD's contemporaries. annoying cartoon interludes that take too much time to get to the point, but overall was enjoyable to listen to stories about his life, beliefs and antics.