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The Good Soldier2009

  • 4.4
What does it really mean to be a "good" soldier? Following the journeys of four veterans from three generations of wars, we realize that it means killing without hesitation, never asking questions and accepting innocent casualties as collateral damage.

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Testimonies of some eloquent leading U.S. antiwar veterans from WW II, Vietnam, and the Gulf War(s) are interwoven with archival video of carnage in those wars. The documentary seems mis-titled, because it mostly focuses on the effects of war on its victims, including its soldiers. Former soldiers tell us, persuasively, that they were made killers not only for the duration of the wars they fought in but indefinitely thereafter, and, to the extent they escaped from their addiction to murder and revenge, they became tormented by the evil they had allowed wars to make them commit. The only postwar elation we see is that of one veteran who rejoices each time he stands on the street with a sign confessing his own war crimes. One can imagine a culture of war in which every enemy fatality counts as a profound failure of the effort to capture without injury, soldiers who wound or kill other than as a last resort are punished, and those who protect populations without hurting anybody are decorated. Possibly the brutal warfighting described here was not what all wars must exhibit. This documentary, however, offers no evidence on that.

i have worn a peace sign since the 1960's