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The Girl Swappers1962

  • 3.5
A free-wheeling Air Force corporal has a series of romantic flings while stationed in England. His love for gambling on the horses lands him in big trouble when he racks up enormous debts. The only way to pay them is to go AWOL but, in doing so, knocks out a sergeant. Believing he killed him, he takes off with his girlfriend on her brother's motorcycle and heads toward the coast. Stopping at a small cafe, they encounter another young couple. Both men are dressed alike and are driving the same type of motorcycle so, when it is time to leave, the women climb aboard the wrong bikes. A series of amusing and complicated situations occur in this classic British comedy of errors.

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Member Reviews (3)

God bless Fandor. THIS is what a romantic comedy has the potential to be!

cute.I liked it1

This was a sweet story that had action and romance. I enjoyed it.