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The Girl from Monday2005

  • 3.1
A Girl drops into the Ocean from outer space. A being from a distant constellation called Monday, assumes the human form of a beautiful young woman in order to look for her friend who arrived years before and whom she suspects is in trouble. Tragic but beautiful and funny, THE GIRL FROM MONDAY is a fake science-fiction movie about the way we live now.

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some of it is lame some of it is way cool_most of it is filmed really well_a good commentary on killing because there's money in it_the girl from monday saves the day sort of

For a film released in 2005, the themes seem even more fitting today - 12 years later. Well done!

ok, food 4 thought


This movie was difficult to follow, but more importantly the premise of people being valued based on there sexual value wasn't something I could get engaged in. This movie could have had more impact if the writers had taken some social problem we all know about now, and expanded that into this setting.