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also known as Zahrada

The Garden1968

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  • 3.9
An unnerving fable of totalitarianism wrought in crisp black-and-white, THE GARDEN is an unusual live action effort from Czech animator Jan Svankmajer. One man brings another to his home in the country. It’s an idyllic scene except for the strange sight of several dozen people locking arms as a human fence. Svankmajer brilliantly orchestrates point-of-view shots and jarring close-ups to indicate the guest’s growing discomfort as the host boasts of his purebred rabbits and rich compost. Made during the Prague Spring’s collapse in 1968, THE GARDEN remains a crystalline vision of tyranny’s end result.



Member Reviews (8)

top reviewer


Yeah I dunno, lots of great shots, a little lite elsewhere.

Great symbolism. And the editing is spot on.

verry strange

Love it, great short film, nice mix of art and commerce.

frightening. . .

live fences in our society...