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Bursting with idealism, Melanie Pröschle, a young teacher from the countryside, starts her first job at a high school in the city. Desperate to fulfil her hopes, Melanie intends to do everything the right way. Politely, she introduces herself to her neighbors with homemade schnapps. At her first day of school, she gives a very ambitious speech for her colleagues. She wants to be a "fresh breeze" to the school. But, as Melanie copes with loneliness, established teachers and ninth grade students, it is not easy to start a new life.

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2 members found this review helpful Created almost 2 years ago.

I liked this movie. If you've ever taught kids in 7th to 9th grade you can relate to her hellish job. The parent who thought her brat's horrible behavior was the teacher's fault is very typical, sadly. The ending vexed me, though. I thought the worst was going to happen, then I wondered if it DID happen, and the almost spiritual/fantastic ending was a metaphor for that tragic event I was predicting. Definitely worth watching!

1 member found this review helpful Created over 2 years ago.

Sad. Sad. Sad. I haven't cringed this much in a long time, but I couldn't look away from the train wreck I knew was coming. Extremely well acted.

Created almost 3 years ago.

This movie really bored me and it was really hard to get through it. I did not like it.

Created 2 months ago.

sad..just like the comment below. i could relate to her in a lot of ways I even sub for schools for a few yrs (a lot) ..burned out and did not go back to follow up..especially after my own kids left the house. I didn't give this movie a five. However, her acting was really goo..and the movie and what she went through with that friend was horrible. I wish she could have rose above all that bullshit and asshole friends. maybe she did at the end by getting rid of her friends crap and driving away .. just weird. I thought she'd put those kids in line, clean her house and tell her friend to go get fucked. Sometimes life or things don't wk out that way. i must have liked this movie since I'm writing so much about it. Feel like I'm going in circles. On a funny or realistic note she probably lost her job (or maybe she wanted and left that way on purpose...lol write when the class seemed under control). Now she can go home and clean up her house or better yet move out of that place ...or stayed made her life look great so her asshole ugly friend/neighbor would be jealous... (ONE OF THOSE MOVIES THAT LEAVES YOU WITH SO MANY SCENARIOS IT CAN GO AT THE END!).

Top reviewer
Created 3 months ago.

It was so painful to watch moments of Melanie trying to be a part of her world - to connect. Did she take the back seat and let her life spin out, or did she just enjoy the ride?

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