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The Foreign Aid Paradox2014

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  • 4.2
Why does the U.S. fund foreign aid? The United States spends approximately $37 billion dollars a year on foreign aid - just under 1% of our federal budget. THE FOREIGN AID PARADOX zeroes in on food aid to Haiti and how it affects American farming and shipping interests as well as Haiti's own agricultural markets. The result: a surprising study in unintended consequences. Think U.S. foreign aid is just a big giveaway to other countries? Think again. Often, it benefits farmers, manufacturers and shippers right here at home. But U.S. aid is always good for the countries we give it to, right? Well, it's not so simple. The fourteenth film in the WE THE ECONOMY series.

Member Reviews (7)

top reviewer

Fabulous cinema.

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top reviewer


good shipment of rice that really helps

short, but gives a good example and the explanation is clear.

Excellent, easily digestible, summary of one of the unintended consequences of U.S. foreign aid.

I now have a better understanding of USAID and HAITI.


This was an excellent documentary short highlighting the return on investment that the United States receives from distributing aid to poor regions of the world. The unintended consequences to Haiti's economy of having cheap rice from the United States readily available in Haiti's marketplaces was astounding. I would like to thank the producers of this film for highlighting the benefits that are derived from helping the poor nations of the world.