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also known as Mahiha ashegh mishavand

The Fish Fall in Love2006

  • 3.9
  • passes the bechdel test
Atieh's singular passion is food, and her small but popular restaurant on the sleepy Caspian coast is her pride and joy. But when Aziz, her former fiancé, appears after a twenty-year absence, the women believe he has intentions of closing the restaurant, so Atieh prepares his favorite dishes, one after the other, in a desperate effort to convince him otherwise. Loosely based on the Persian fable of "Shahrazad and the Thousand Myths," director Ali Raffi uses the language of food to paint a richly textured portrait of life and love on the northern coast of Iran.

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Member Reviews (1)

the atmosphere and actors were pretty good, even though one could not understand gaping holes in script which were not filled, the narrative's why, where how between the main protagonists left these gaps, for eg who or what was that man to the main woman, and why did he came after so many years or whatever, and why did the woman had heart attack or whatever all of sudden, so many things and I am seeing so many repetitions of shots/scenes a common problem in teleseries too. but overall it still held the interest, to culmination