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also known as Al final de la escapada

The Final Escape2011

He was an icon for a generation of freedom fighters, frequently risking his life for his dream of universal social justice. But his final battle would be for the right to a dignified death. As a key figure in the Spanish resistance, Miguel Núñez paid a heavy price for confronting the Franco regime. He was repeatedly tortured, spent 14 years in prison and was sentenced to be executed. After his death sentence was commuted and he was finally released, Nuñez took on the dictatorships of Central America, fighting with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and working with, amongst others, President Evo Morales. But when diagnosed with a serious illness, Nuñez chose to turn his death into an act of affirmation. Under pressure from the Church and the far right, doctors in Madrid are now reluctant to administer palliative care. Many patients have died in agony. Declaring that "if there is no freedom to die, there is no freedom to live", Nuñez became a passionate advocate for patients’ rights.

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