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also known as Le faux Magistrat

The False Magistrate1914

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  • 4.0
In THE FALSE MAGISTRATE, Louis Feuillade's fifth and final film in the Fantômas series, Inspector Juve (Edmund Bréon) once again battles false accusations from behind bars (though this time in a plan of his own devising). It is all part of a fiendish plot of multiple disguised identities in order to recapture the ingenious Fantômas and imprison him back in France.


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The most imaginative and the most believable ending of the five Fantomas films. It is sad that this was the final episode directed by the brilliant Louis Feuillade. His meticulous scenarios, the wonderfully understated performances of the main actors, and the use of both indoor (studio) and outdoor (real locations) filming makes these films timeless.

In the 5th and final film Fantômas has been captured and imprisoned in Belgium where they have no death penalty. Juve plots to get him back in France where he can have his head. Fantômas is as ruthless as ever in this film, killing, double-crossing his henchmen, and extorting money in conjunction with his murders. Just another day in the office for this master criminal. I really like the film although some of the premises are a bit hard to swallow including how Fandor leaps to the conclusion that the new magistrate is not only fake but in truth Mr. Evil himself. Still, these are fun to watch and far above average for their time. I'm sorry to see the end of the series. I wonder if Feuillade intended to make more?