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The Exploding Girl2009

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  • 3.7
When twenty-year-old Ivy heads home for spring break with a fresh romance in her heart, everything seems to be going perfectly. When her best friend Al finds himself without lodgings, Ivy and her mother take him in and Ivy and Al's friendship strengthens while her boyfriend grows more distant from afar. Increasingly distressed about her conflicting feelings, Ivy must stay resilient in the face of her epilepsy, lest her emotions become something she can't control. Marking Zoe Kazan's first leading role, Bradley Rust Gray's film is a meditative and realistic portrait of a young girl coming of age and finding a deeper kind of love in New York City.

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"A character study of one young woman—and of an entire generation struggling to maintain external maturity despite internal regression." - Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer

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top reviewer

Twenty-somethings navigating the ups and downs of relationships. Familiar territory. But this film is way better than mumblecore... Interesting characters. Meaningful dialog. Gorgeous photography. Zoe Kazan and Mark Rendall keep us watching even when things slow way down.

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top reviewer

Sorry: no rating. My hearing loss made it nearly impossible to follow the conversations. This was the most difficult film I have watched, because of covered mouths, turned faces, bowed heads, deep shadows, lots of telephone talk, and "reality' traffic/crowds that left lost and confused. I never did figure out when or why or how she exploded.

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top reviewer

Well done.

top reviewer

The awkwardness in the characters, trying to find the space to grow in an overcrowded city. Zoe Kazan is lovely as Ivy and the ability to treat epilepsy as something that affects her every moment and not diminishing how serious it is, was the highlight of the film.

This movie is about bad stuff happening to a pretty girl. Scene development is slow and takes are long, which is good for featuring subtle acting. The main character Ivy, though, takes no significant actions to change her situation and mostly just responds to things that happen to her. A rag doll.

The photography is good, and the general pace of the film is smooth and uniform. It's an alright film.