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also known as I aionia epistrofi tou Antoni Paraskeva

The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas2014

  • 2.8
Antonis Paraskevas is a man incapable of life away from the media spotlight. A famous television personality whose star is waning, Antonis decides to stage his own kidnapping to gain sympathy and attention from a world that is slowly forgetting him. He hides out in an abandoned seaside hotel to wallow in self-pity, awaiting just the right moment to spring back to life and into the public eye. At first, he fights off the boredom with unsuccessful molecular cooking and karaoke singing, but eventually the walls close in, and Antonis starts going off the rails. The harsh realities of the current Greek economic situation and contemporary societal alienation serve as the backdrop to this dark and artful satire on fame in the modern world.

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i never cared about Antonis in this film & pretty much lost interest early on_i don't care about his character his life his success his past and i was as bored in the hotel as he is_and who cares about molecular cooking really ??? but when he falls apart and makes his 2nd escape the film becomes more interesting_not great but OK