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also known as Les lunettes féeriques

The Enchanted Spectacles1909

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  • 3.5
A parlor full of bon vivants pass around an enchanted pair of spectacles that “reveal the personality and pleasures of the one who wears them.” As always in Émile Cohl’s films, there is a thin line separating everyday reality from fantastic apparitions. The glasses reveal free associated stop-motion images that picture human personality as an eccentric assortment of illustrated bric-a-brac. Cohl was a caricaturist and surrealist upstart before he became a filmmaker and one sees the marks of those former occupations in this beguiling short.



Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

If you told me this short was actually made in the psychedelic 60s in the fashion of the old silents, I'd have believed you. Definitely presaged some of that style.

not really my style of film

It was a little choppy, but interesting short.