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The Devil's Miner2005

  • 4.2
THE DEVIL'S MINER is an astonishing portrait of two brothers, fourteen year old Basilio and twelve year old Bernardino, who work deep inside the silver mines of Cerro Rico, Bolivia. Raised without a father and living on the slopes of the mine, Basilio and his brother must work the mines when they are not in school to help support their family and afford supplies vital to their education. In the mines, it is an ancient belief that the Devil determines the fate of those who enter. Basilio and his brother place their faith in the mountain devil's generosity, hoping to earn enough money so they can continue going to school, their only chance of escaping their destiny in the silver mines.

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Member Reviews (1)

top reviewer

This documentary has balance, with a personal narrative focusing on the lives of two brother, but it is also very informative of a social phenomenon.

People lives are dragged into a dangerous culture from which it is very hard to escape. No wonder they chew betel nuts all the time. How unnerving!