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also known as Projekt

The Design1981

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  • 4.2
Animators and urban planners both create worlds, but Czech stop motion specialist Jiří Barta’s ingenious paper cut-out short punctures the stifling architecture of communist housing. Skilled hands blueprint an apartment tower standardized specifications. Envelopes contain the elements of each home. Family dwellings, bachelor pads, scholarly studies and artist studios: different social configurations are permitted but restrained to the same uniform box. A dystopic revision of the REAR WINDOW scenario, THE DESIGN’s darkly comic social critique still has teeth.



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I loved it! Great integration between film and architecture. Simple and wonderful.

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I loved it! Great integration between film and architecture. Simple and wonderful.

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Awesome! creative

great artistically layers flic

As relevant today as it was when it was made 30 years ago. A brilliant little film.

The Design shows us the pre AutoCAD drafting process of an apartment building. Every wall, window, door, staircase and structure is rigidly drawn to scale. Each identical apartment is then filled with varying families and personalities creating a colorful noise of humankind. Then the tenants are individually trimmed to fit when their lifestyle or traditions are too large for the apartment. As a result all trace of individuality is rubbed out until finally every family, in every apartment, in every apartment building is made to conform. This is a charmingly animated short that is fun to watch and thought provoking.