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The Deep Blue Sea2011

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  • 3.5
In THE DEEP BLUE SEA, Master chronicler of post-War England, Terence Davies directs Rachel Weisz as a woman whose overpowering love threatens her well-being and alienates the men in her life. In a deeply vulnerable performance, Rachel Weisz plays Hester Collyer, the wife of an upper-class judge and a free spirit trapped in a passionless marriage. Her encounter with Freddie Page, a troubled former Royal Air Force pilot, throws her life in turmoil, as their relationship leaves her emotionally stranded and physically isolated. The film is an adaptation of British playwright Terence Rattigan's 1952 play, featuring one of the greatest roles for an actress in modern theatre.

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A simply fabulous work of art, and piece of writing. The acting is dynamic. Can't say I see film this passionate often, especially coming out of Hollywood.

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A simply fabulous work of art, and piece of writing. The acting is dynamic. Can't say I see film this passionate often, especially coming out of Hollywood.

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Had me deeply interested the entire film.

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What a beautiful film! Fantastic performances too!

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The quite suffering of the tormented soul. Torn between what they have, and what they want. In the end choosing neither. Beautiful film.

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Rachel Weisz shines in this love story with an inner intensity as she tries desperately to hold on to love. It is all sewn together evocatively with the Adagio from Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto. A fine cast rounds out this post war melodrama in a convincing manner.Great lighting and atmosphere.

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Fine acting. Fine cinematogaphy. Terence Rattigan's script is of course very high quality. Four -- maybe even five stars. A sad story, but that of course is life.

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Beautifully shot and very well acted. The perils of passion.

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Beautiful story and very profound dialogs make this movie well worth watching.

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she's really beautiful _ sort of liked it at the start but the film is so stiff even though it's beautifully shot

completely missed this in 2011 and glad Fandor is here and made this available again in 2018. Bravo.

Surprisingly good for such a simple, though heartbreaking, story. I honestly could not find a flaw in it. Sepia-stained postwar London is drab and oppressive enough without passion and desire mucking things up even further. For Hester, desire and romance are not life's bonuses; they're necessities to feeling alive. A tough standard of measurement for anyone who dares to embrace such a romantic calling—though understandable when being grateful for what one has is never enough, especially in a world which itself is so fragile.

Jesus, was this a drag. Who cares?

Another movie about an affair. That is pretty much all this film is about. The acting is compelling, but I just wonder how much sympathy anyone should even have for the heroine. She is a bit spoiled and whiny, and other than her looks, youth, and smart sassy attitude, she does not have much to offer the world. I think THE ENGLISH PATIENT covered much of this ground much more effectively, artistically, and grandly.

She is exquisite.

A sensitive wonderful dramatization of the psychological ravages of war and culture in the 50's.

What an amazing story... It is rear that we can see a movie that examines love and erotic passion so profoundly, especially from the point of view of a female. It is a very sincere film, and considering that it was made to be more commercial perhaps, it is very artistic. It is a relief to finally watch a love story that tries to probe into the nature of what love really is.

It was an intimate film, you could feel the emotional Seesaw Hester was on, and the information on England at that time, was interesting to us.

I liked the ending when she opened the curtains as if to start a new life!