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The Death of Abraham Lincoln (in Three Parts)2000

  • 2.7
Started in 1998 but completed in 2000, THE DEATH OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN (IN THREE PARTS) is an ahistorical re-enactment of the strange and curious events that led up to the untimely demise of our nation's sixteenth president. Each chapter is loosely connected to the others via a gun motif and a visual style coined from the silent era. Together, they produce an unusual inquiry into the minor spasms of violence that shape our popular history.

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"[Ben] Russell's work boasts a bracing degree of rigor and vigor." - Jason Anderson, Artforum

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Member Reviews (4)

Silent cinema meets avant garde psychodrama/trance film. A clown frolicking through urban ruins is creepy as hell.

top reviewer

This has very little or nothing to do about the events leading up to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and more to do with our obsession with violence as a voyeuristic event. Great use of an abandoned and trashed warehouse as a backdrop. Love the clown!

just long enough and made me want to see more of Ben Russell's work.

I cant believe that I wasted time watching this - rather pointless waste of film