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The Day of the Triffids1962

  • 3.8
  • passes the bechdel test
Earth finds itself under attack from one of the more ingenious threats ever dreamed up in science fiction (spoiler: killer plants!) in this cult British film, adapted from the work of writer John Wyndham (responsible for the novel "The Midwich Cuckoos" which was the foundation of VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and its sequel, CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED). A powerful meteor shower leaves nearly everyone on the planet blind except for a ragtag team of sighted survivors, led by an American naval officer (Howard Keel), two marine biologists and a little girl. Together, they battle the evil force that rode in on those meteors: villainous, giant broccoli-like plants called Triffids! "A vegetarian’s version of THE BIRDS" according to Variety (though especially appealing for anyone who’s afraid of their veggies), this unblinkingly straight-laced example of English science fiction may have been "done in stiff-upper-lip style… unhampered by artistic pretensions" (as the New York Times wrote) but its stands today as one of the more fascinating oddities of 1960s speculative fiction. - Jason Sanders
Society is on the verge of collapse after a meteorite shower blinds much of the population. In the aftermath, marauding plants known as Triffids attack anything (and anyone) that moves. No one is safe!

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love this....plants fight back!!!! take that you green thumbs!!!!

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love this....plants fight back!!!! take that you green thumbs!!!!

2 members like this review
top reviewer

Classic British Sci-Fi/Horror weirdness in the tradition of Quartermass, with a bit of a proto-Dr. Who vibe thrown in. It’s a bit dated at times, and it doesn’t have the depth of the original novel, but there are some truly chilling moments here that still pack a punch. Plus, it’s fun to finally understand why they were singing about Janette Scott in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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I really enjoyed this movie. I first watched it as a child and now I'm 55 and I still like it.

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If you like campy 50's or 60's sci fi horror,this would be a near classic! The walking plants from outer space are a gas!

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A movie i watched as a kid, still a good story....special effects are very 1962....still enjoyed it.

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Barely based upon the book authored by John Wyndam, this was not quite the stinker I thought it would be. All the social content has been left out and the plot holes resemble swiss cheese. Speaking of cheese, the acting is pretty stinky, also. The BBC made a series that stuck to the tenets of Wyndam's book more closely. Still, I continued to watch and, of course, the answer was there, in front of us, the whole time.

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Classic british scare. They remain largely clueless as to the essentials of a great horror show. Despite a totally despicable man eating plant I would never fear something I can outrun and outwit with a tad of clever and heap of smarts. I do love the pretty girls women which in this film number many. Thanks for the watch.

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The Day of the Triffids is an early exercise in plant based fear. Its influence can clearly be seen throughout cinema during the decades following its release. If not for Triffids, Killer Tomatoes may never have rolled into our collective conscience. Furthermore, evidence of Triffids long lasting mark can be seen in one of the greatest horror films of our time: The Evil Dead. The images of rape perpetrated by a tree inexorably haunted horror enthusiasts for years. Triffids, although not the originator of flora-horror (Little Shop of Horrors was released two years prior), can still be seen as a defining inspiration to all filmmakers concerned with monstrous vegetation.

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top reviewer

Makes me want to eat a huge plate of spinach just to reek revenge on these distinctively repulsive plants. And to go after females like a mobile Triffid, since after watching this film I have learned that women can only scream, even when moving just three feet away, three tiny, little steps, would save them from...being eaten alive. Heh, heh, heh.

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top reviewer

One of the best of the post-apocalyptic, this-may-really-be-about-Commies-invading-or-taking-over-the-world flicks. This print at 94 minutes may be missing the last 1 or 2 minutes depending on your source for the original 1962 release running time.

A mildly diverting, episodic story; it starts pretty much the way Wyndham's novel begins, but the rest bears little resemblance to its source material. And the women are there to scream. Really loudly. And wear pencil skirts and heels. In fact, this is one stylish apocalypse.

this movie was always good, there has been remakes


I just love old British horror movies

Some genuinely creepy moments.

still a damn good movie for it'ts day...........

typical "B" movie - it was just ok

A very cheesy flick - but fun

not bad!!!

I always like this movie for as long as its been around.

A favorite for many years. Great to see it again after all these years. 4 stars!!!

i loved it


Skip the movie, read the book

i have not seen this movie since i was a kid. I found myself yelling at the movie, so campy but fun.

one of my favorite sci fi films from the 60's. A classic1

Great movie from the 60s when there weren't any high tech special effects. Kept your interest all the way through.

I myself thought it was a good film.It kept me entertained for the whole show.


it was ok movie

Awesome movie for it's time. I seen this movie many many years ago, and always wanted to see it again. It still stands timeless against other movies as of today. I was very pleased to be able to view it again. Thank you FANDOR, I look forward to watching other great movies you have to offer.

I saw it when I was a kid. It scared me at the time. haha It was good seeing it again.

I have never seen this before. But the way of the world today, anything is possible?

Bad posy. No Miracle-Gro.