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The D Train2011

  • 3.6
An old man reflects on his entire life. How quickly it all goes by.

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

Touching piece. We can all relate as we get older. Life is so incredibly fast. Lets not wait till we are old to savor each second!!!!

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review of a life in 5 minutes. Geesh! How short life is.

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top reviewer

sweet_cool idea_lots of cool shots_a nice breeze through life

great ! came up with...if things go this well = music, imagery, flash-backs...then, it must be real / uplifting. Not 2 long, as happens w/ most films...just a morsel...

like they say ' we're just dust ( specks ) in the wind ' PLUS : i'm 65 - don't feel it, regularly, but today on awakening, felt just like a bag of a candle, we enlighten, during our best moments, hardly anyone notices when the wick is at vanishing point. Guess the same happens with a dying nova, a sun...except - and this is utterly mine ( ? ) How do you extinguish Spirit ?

sweet and sad